“Gastronomy”, the term for food culture or cuisine, represents not only having a meal, but also combining food origins, cooking methods, decorations, flavors, and comprehending every element of foods in depth. Capturing a cuisine as arts and cultures, gastronomy originated from the standpoint where pursuing a sensuous feast and an intellectual curiosity through a food culture.

The tour program is planned, primarily aiming at providing the exceptional experience unique Japanese food culture in the natural environment, and making overseas visitors wish to return to, or recommend our Kusu Town to their family and friends.

Specially designed to feature seasonal ingredients and unique experiences, the tour program avoids packed itineraries. Despite offering a variety of activities and meals, it provides the opportunity to enjoy a special and relaxing time while sensing the passage of time

The movie showcases the tour of “Yamaura District (Shimono-sono Myoken-sama Yusui) & Mikazuki Fall”, conducted in Autumn, 2023.

The tour itinerary is designed to incorporate the various seasonal activities: Shiitake Mushroom Picking, Learning the Natural Spring Water and Tofu Making, Sermon, in consideration with attracting the participants to visit again in different seasons.



*The content of the tour program is subject to change based on seasonal availability.

CONTENT 1 (Food)

Local flavors are prepared and served by local people themselves under the supervision of a French chef from Kusu Town. Savor the local food culture of Japan by incorporating seasonal ingredients.

CONTENT 2 (Local Escorted Guide & Interpreter)

Local guide will navigate you to illustrate about the wisdom and the history in the area, enabling you to comprehend the charm of the area you explore.

CONTENT 3 (Learning “Spring Water”)

Shimonosono Myokensama Yusui is a source of pride for Oita Prefecture and has been recognized as one of Japan’s top 100 waters. The spring water is drinkable without any treatment and is also used in the preparation of meals offered during the tour

CONTENT 4 (Learning “Tofu Making”)

Mannen Genki Tofu, operated by local residents, is a source of pride for Kusu Town. Using the pristine spring water, they craft a variety of tofu products. The tour includes learning the art of tofu making at the factory, providing an immersive encounter with the local food culture centered around tofu.

CONTENT 5 (Shiitake Mushroom Picking)

Oita Prefecture is renowned for being a prime region for Shiitake mushroom cultivation, and within it, Kusu Town, with its abundant mountains, provides an ideal environment for the mushrooms to flourish. Witnessing the impressive sight of neatly arranged logs dedicated to Shiitake cultivation is truly breathtaking. Savor the thick and succulent Shiitake mushrooms they produce.

CONTENT 6 (Historical Architecture)

Exploring historical temples and shrines is a significant part of the local experience. Kusu Town boasts numerous historical buildings, and simply admiring their exteriors and interiors allows you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history.

CONTENT 7 (Sightseeing Spots)

Explore the historical attractions in Kusu Town. All the selected spots are within or close to the tour area, ensuring an efficient itinerary. Additionally, enjoy some light physical activities like a mountain walk.

CONTENT 8 (Spatial Coordination)

By offering a unique and special ambiance, we believe your experience during the tour will be truly exceptional, providing a relaxing and memorable time

Future Gastronomy Tour Plan

We will continue to plan tour plans so that visitors to Japan can experience the unique food culture in the natural environment of Kusu. We are always open to tour consultation regarding the tour program.

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